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hey have you seen this

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hey sooooo remember how the police in ferguson were going to start wearing body cameras

the police officers’ union is bringing out every last excuse to keep it from actually happening

actual quote from the article: “This gotcha discipline that we have with the dash board cameras is what we’d be afraid of,” Roorda said.

"gotcha discipline"

basically “any tangible way of holding us accountable for abusing our power is what we’d be afraid of”

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this is what is going on in scotland right now.

dont ignore this.

there is NO coverage of the rioting on the news which is why its so important that you dont ignore this. 

please stay safe if you live in scotland. 

my partner actually went to the yes rally in george square a couple days ago and said the no guys were indeed doing nazi salutes

Europe get your fucking neo-Nazis under control.

it’s not actually a nazi salute, it’s an ulster salute mimicking the red hand of ulster. it’s used by pro-unionists/loyalists and rangers fans. it has deep rooted historical and sectarian connotations.

i mean they’re still disgusting sectarian scum and all-round bigots but they’re not actually neo-nazis. 

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